Interview with regal coo tim kuck 

On the bus trip from Orlando to Ocean Reef in Key Largo, I had the chance to gain an insight From Regal COO Tim Kuck into what has contributed to the success of Regal’s past 50 Years and what the future holds. Tim was unreserved in stating that Regal is built on a very strong faith and commitment to God, and as Tim said “That may not suit some people but it suits the way Regal chooses to run their business,”. As someone who is not really a follower of any religion it was quite interesting to see that this faith is not presented overtly and more as a path to follow, and a path that is built on an incredible respect for the opportunity that the Kuck Family and all those involved with Regal have been given based on their faith. It was actually quite refreshing to hear such gratitude.


I opened the discussion with wanting to understand which parts of the philosophy that the company was founded on, remain key philosophies the business stands by today. Tim commented that everything starts and ends with people. And the relationships his parents built when starting the business to the relationships they have today whether that’s with staff, contractors, suppliers, dealer or clients, their people or the people they deal with always come first. Tim commented that “Regal is a people company that just happens to build great boats,”, and they have that right from both sides.


I then asked what’s done differently now, and Tim commented that from a product and production perspective they are always evolving. The products are vastly different these days and the production processes have changed as well, and they’re always evolving. An interesting example Tim gave was outboard motors. After 20 years outboard motors are now quieter and more efficient, and are making up more and more of their market share.


Regal is proud to say they are debt free and very well positioned for future growth and to also sustain any potential downfalls, a very impressive position to be in. I asked Tim what this meant for the end consumer and he said it allows Regal to stand behind every product they sell and ensure upmost client satisfaction when they buy a Regal Boat. Whether times are good or times are challenging, they have the ability and the backing to always stand behind their product and support their owners. Which results on a great feeling of confidence for anyone purchasing a Regal.


In terms of product development and future boating trends, I asked Tim where he felt boat manufacturing was heading and the boat ownership experience. Making the ownership experience and boating in general easier and hassle free is where Tim sees trends heading. That may be in the form of more durable materials used on the production process or as features that reduce maintenance for example the use of fibreglass hardtops instead of canvas. Alternative propulsion and more effective battery solutions are also coming and will become more and more prevalent over the coming years. Plug in versus fuel powered is definitely the future, but the key will be cost effective solutions. Florida is also now 90% outboard powered vessels, Tim sees this only growing further, with greater adoption in global markets just a matter of time.


In closing Tim told me that having exceptionally satisfied customers is their focus every day, and that comes from what he said earlier in that “Regal is a people company that just happens to build great boats’”. They invest in their people so that their people care about each and every part they play in the production of every boat, an upmost attention to detail and that can be seen in the quality that is testament to every boat that leaves the Regal factory.


Peter Pembroke


Game & Leisure Boats Marketing




 Nyrie Roos